We are ten juniors and eleven seniors of Marlborough School in Los Angeles who sit on the board of the student-initiated, donor-advised charitable fund of Violets' Giving Circle. It is a two-year position that alternates years between fundraising and grant-making. We hold weekly meetings, contribute funds, and have responsibilities similar to a typical workplace boardroom. Our goal is to donate money to organizations that help provide educational opportunities for women and girls both inside and outside of the classroom. 




Caroline M. '18

“Going to an all girls high school, I've become really cognizant of the power of women’s education, so I love having the opportunity to expand educational opportunities for other women and girls in Los Angeles.”

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Isabel M. '18

“Participating in VGC has made me feel a part of a broader community and taught me collaboration, philanthropy, problem solving, event management, and cost-benefit analysis, all skills I will carry throughout my life.”


Violets' Giving Circle was previously known as Marlborough School Charitable Fund.  We were founded by a group of students in a finance focused program called Dollars and Sense. The current structure as a giving circle and charitable fund was formed under the guidance and leadership of The Women's Foundation of California who remained our fiscal sponsor until 2017. We are indebted to those who came before us and grateful for those who will come after.


2016-2017 Co-Chairs Alexa and Allegra along with the Violets' Giving Circle Board were featured in an ABC segment of "Cool Kids"


"I think the important part about Violets' Giving Circle is recognizing that we're so similar, but also so different from these girls [that we help]. We're girls and we're women in Los Angeles and we have shared experiences, but we're also very different in that we're super privileged to be at Marlborough and to receive the education that we have and a lot of girls don't get that."

Alexa B, Co-Chair 2016-2017